Mario Montella

Born in Milan, Mario Montella has worked in the hospitality, bar and restaurant business since he was nineteen years old.

At the age of twenty-three, he created Speakeasy in Milan, a well-known restaurant / cocktail bar that offers a unique menu and embraces many new trends and ideas.

In 2005 he became a partner of Take Away Solferino, one of the famous cocktail bars of the 80s in Milan. The same year, he opened the Ubi Maior Club, where he organized events, both private and for high profile companies.

In 2015, he founded Chloem 2015 SL in Madrid, a company dedicated to real estate services, concierge and events. Based in Marbella, it offers a selective, meticulous, highly personal and elegant service. According to Montella, today's entrepreneurs can be divided into two very different categories: Old Economy and New Economy, which means a new way of dealing with people. In short, an owner who wants to be modern and enlightened should never be condescending. be condescending. When receiving visitors, he should conduct his business or other conversations with the attitude of an interested person, not with a superior being conceding to his interlocutor. Moreover, "while one used to give orders in the past the past, now one has to convince, which is more difficult and more insidious." Says he. Hopefully, the best of the old and new economy will remain.

Montella has excellent international experience in public relations and communications, specializing in trade, food and beverage, business planning and event planning. A focused professional, deeply dedicated to service dedicated to service, he works with great passion, always putting clients first. He emphasizes that providing excellence is not a marketing device: it has been his vocation and obsession since the beginning of his career.

Its goal is to always offer the best possible personalized experience with great attention to detail, in its relationships with customers, partners or employees. It is committed to offering the best to its customers, delivering excellence even beyond the expected. Montella constantly reinvents the concept of service, taking advantage of ever-changing technologies, always seeking to be one step ahead, anticipating customer needs and achieving bold goals.


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